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What's JP-act?

We are the Acappella club.

JP-act is the club formed in 2001 and aiming to enjoy a cappella.

"A cappella" refers to chorus with no accompaniment, and the song. Simply speaking, music made only with voice, All melody, rhythm and harmony are expressed by human voice.

A cappella is not a musical genre, but one of the playing styles of music. So you can challenge various genres of music with a cappella. In fact, each club member forms a group and works on various genres such as R&B, Rock, Jazz, Gospel, and J-pop. You can also enjoy your favorite music with a cappella with your friends.

The club is mainly composed of Nagoya university students, other university students and working adults in the area. Basically, you can participate in the activities according to your academic or work style.

  • A cappella sounds interesting.
  • I want to pursue a higher level of music.
  • I love singing.
  • I want to play my favorite song with a cappella.
  • I want to manage an a cappella event.
  • I want to handle audio equipment (I want to do PA)
  • etc…

If any of these apply, why don't you join us?

Club activity contents.

Club members form a group with several people (mostly 4 to 6 members), and each group practices at their own pace.

We usually practice once a week only on Saturdays. Some of the members practice on weekdays, too.

Also, every Saturday from 10:00 am, the club meeting is held at the Student Hall on the Nagoya University Higashiyama Campus.

Annual events of JP-act

We introduce the main events of JP-act for one year.

*It is difficult to hold events as usual this year due to COVID-19.

A cappella trial session (April)

This is the first event of the new school year. Let new students experience a cappella.You can know about the good points of a cappella.

Welcome live show (end of April)

This is the live show for new students to get to know about JP-act. The unique groups show off a cappella of various genres.

Performance at the Nagoya University Festival (early June)

We perform outdoors for two days at the Nagoya University Festival. There are guest groups called from Kanto or Kansai region's club. It is the first stage for new club members!

Summer camp (end of August)

This is a two-night, three-day camp with the aim of improving the skills of each person and deepening the fellowship among the club members. We practice the songs in a group formed randomly. On the final day, we sing in front of everyone.

A cappella Spirits District Qualifying (August-September)

Many groups participate to aim for the national championship. For more information, click here.

Meihan Training Camp (September/February)

This is a 4-day and 3-night camp held in conjunction with the Osaka University a cappella club, Inspiritual Voices. A group will be formed randomly, and we will practice the song we decided on as a group. On the last day of the camp, we sing in front of everyone.

You'll make a lot of friends in Osaka, and you'll also get better at a cappella!

Newcomers' Concert (October-November)

This is a live performance only for the groups of newcomers (club members who joined this year). Newcomers will be the producers and staffs of the live performance, and they will experience creating their first live performance.

JP-act Live Concert

Live concerts are held in live music venues and halls several times a year; in 2018, Winter Live was held on December 23. Depending on the year, Summer Live and Autumn Live may be held.
Each concert, approximately 5-8 groups are selected through auditions held in the club to perform. Some of the concerts also have special events besides singing.

Besides that...

We also perform at other outdoor venues. We also perform at the Port of Nagoya JETTY Square (near the Port of Nagoya Aquarium) and at local shopping centers.
We have also been asked to perform on stage at various events and festivals at other universities.
In addition to live performances, we also hold workshops with guest lecturers from outside the university, joint camps with a cappella clubs from other universities, and many other activities.

External event

A cappella Spirits

A cappella Spirits is one of the national championships in the a cappella world. Every year, many groups that belong to JP-act challenge it in order to participate in stage nationwide. Last year, one of the groups in our club participated in the national tournament!

For those who want to join our club

Starting Sept.19, club activities are allowed with infection control in place! If you would like to take an observation or experience a cappella, please register on JP-act's official LINE account (here) and receive an explanation.

For those who want to watch our performance

At JP-act, we have a concert sponsored by the club. Concerts mainly at live music club (several times a year). Also, you can see our performances in the street, renting space and a shopping center (irregular).

Information on concert will be announced to everyone on this website. In addition, the group belonging to the club may appear on the stage of the event or hold an independent concert. Currently, this information is not basically posted on the JP-act website, but the group with the website can obtain information from it.

*Links to the sites of each group are provided on the page of the group that they belong to.

Request for business activity

JP-act also offers performances at school festivals, promotional events, festivals, weddings, etc. If you would like us? to play a cappella at an event, please contact us first. At that time, if you describe in detail the conditions such as date and time, place, playing time, presence of audio equipment, it will be easier for each group belonging to the club to request to appear.

Inquiry page


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